2016 DIRT Report

Download the 2016 DIRT Report

Ground Disturbance is an important aspect of workplace safety that is gaining more attention all the time. Recently, we published a new course called “The Hole You Dig: Ground Disturbance Gone Wrong” to help students understand the importance of digging safely and avoiding causing damage to underground facilitites. The Western Canada DIRT Report can add to that understanding, by helping to draw a picture of the scale of ground disturbance related damages in our provinces.

The Alberta Common Ground Alliance (ABCGA), British Columbia Common Ground Alliance (BCCGA) and Saskatchewan Common Ground Alliance (SCGA) have published their second annual Western Canada DIRT Report – a joint report that analyzes  the information collected through the groups’ online Damage Information Reporting Tool (DIRT).

The 2015 DIRT Report was the first to present all three provinces with a year-over-year report. Results for 2016 show a remarkable uptick in the overall number of reported damage events, driven in large part by Alberta. Due to the anonymous nature of DIRT reporting, the addition of new stakeholders or the increase in participation rate reporting to DIRT from any of the Common Ground Associations in Western Canada is not quantified in this report. As a result, it is difficult to conclude whether this uptick represents an actual increase in damage events or rather a simple reflection of the increase participation rates. Anecdotal evidence from the Common Ground Associations suggest the latter is most likely the explanation.