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End of Year Report

2018-2019 was another year of consistent growth for Safety in Schools, both in Alberta and into neighbouring provinces. Along with consistent growth in our program usage this year, we developed two more courses and completed another successful school tour. By the Numbers From June 2018 to June 2019, we experienced a 15% increase in the
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Air Quality and Your Health

Air quality is an important factor in our daily health. Most of us enjoy very high air quality in our day to day lives, and we are fortunate that it is rare even in our largest urban centres during rush hour for air quality to be low enough to be noticeable. However, during wildfire season
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#CRSW2019: Distracted Driving

Chances are when you hear “distracted driving,” you think of texting. While texting is certainly one of the most common and most dangerous distractions, there are plenty of other habits that you need to be aware of and make the effort to avoid. GPS units, smartwatches, reading, eating, drinking, smoking, grooming, adjusting music, goofing around
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Canada Safe Driving Week

May 14-20, 2019 is Canada Road Safety Week. This initiative led by the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police (CACP)’s Traffic Safety Committee is designed to promote safe driving behaviours in order to save lives and reduce injuries on our roads. Did you know that Canada has one of the highest motor vehicle fatality rates
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May 5-11 is North American Occupational Safety and Health Week!

On Canada’s National Day of Mourning on April 28, we recognized and mourned for all of those families whose lives have been turned upside down due to workplace fatalities and severe workplace injuries. We do this because it is important to recognize and talk about the tragic outcomes that can and do result from unsafe
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National Day of Mourning

April 28 Now an international observance as a day of mourning for workers killed, injured or made ill by their job, the declaration of April 28th as the Day of Mourning began here in Canada. In 1984, unions in Sudbury, Ontario, adopted the day as one to publicly acknowledge workplace injuries, illnesses, and deaths, and
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