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What can you do safer?

Whether it’s at school, at work, at home or out with friends, we all have things that we do that aren’t as safe as they could be. Maybe you have a habit of checking your text messages while you’re driving. Maybe you have a tendency to try to lift/carry more than you should in one
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That’s Got to Hurt! Lessons from the Workplace

In June 2016, we announced the winning submissions from our That’s Got to Hurt! Video and Essay contests. After the winners were chosen, notified and announced, we set to work on developing our newest course, That’s Got to Hurt! Lessons from the Workplace, which was made available to students and teachers in August of 2016.
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Your Kids At Work – A Guide for Parents

As a parent, you want to raise your kids to be self-sufficient, capable and responsible adults. Summer and part-time jobs are a great way for young people to learn these things, all while earning their own money. Of course, it can also be a bit scary letting your kids out into the working world. No
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Focus on Ground Disturbance

Working with partners from the Alberta Common Ground Alliance (ABCGA), Alberta One-Call, Alberta Ag for Life and TransCanada Pipelines, we are developing two complementary education programs that focus on the importance of safe digging and ground disturbance.                                  Elementary School Program Utilizing rural area school connections and Agriculture for Life
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Recognizing Your Vulnerability

Back in March 2016, we published a blog post titled “Measuring Vulnerability“. In it, we introduced you to some important research about worker vulnerability and what it means to young workers. With many young people starting temporary summer jobs, we think it is important to reiterate some of the ways that you are more vulnerable
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Heavy Machinery – It Always Wins

We have been making great progress on the development of our Heavy Machinery – It Always Wins course, thanks in no small part to our supporters who have provided the sites, machinery and workers necessary to capture film footage for the course. Our videographer, Tim Carlielle (Progressive Media Video) has been doing some fantastic work
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