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Alberta Common Ground Alliance (ABCGA)

ABCGA-logoIn January 2015, we officially became a member of the Alberta Common Ground Alliance (ABCGA). The ABCGA is an open membership organization dedicated to improving worker safety, public safety, community safety, protection of the environment and preservation of the integrity of the infrastructure that provides goods and services that are essential to today’s society by identifying, validating and promoting the adoption of effective ground disturbance and damage prevention practices.


Threads of Life


The Association for Workplace Tragedy Family Support (known as Threads of Life) is a national registered Canadian charity dedicated to supporting families along their journey of healing who have suffered from a workplace fatality, life-altering illness or occupational disease. Our network of family members and corporate partners believe traumatic workplace injuries, occupational diseases and deaths are preventable.

Through community action such as the Steps for Life walks, and participation in the Speakers Bureau, Threads of Life can effect a change in attitudes and behaviours where injuries are no longer considered to be “just the cost of doing business.”  Threads of Life volunteers strive for safer workplaces for Canadian families and to support those who have lost loved ones to workplace fatalities. Threads of Life was the first organization in the world to offer a peer support program to family members who are living in the aftermath of a workplace tragedy. Peer support is provided by trained  volunteers (Volunteer Family Guides) who have also experienced their own workplace tragedy.


Heads Up Alberta

Heads UP

Heads Up Alberta is a program supported by the Worker’s Compensation Board of Alberta, which promotes safe work practices and attitudes among Alberta youth by providing schools and workplaces with safety messaging and resources. Heads Up AB also runs contests throughout the year to engage young people in the conversation about safety. Check out their Resources page for downloadable posters, or contact WCB Alberta Corporate Communications to order materials.

Heads Up Ab also hosts a YouTube channel, offering up a variety of workplace safety videos aimed at young workers. The videos are produced with young workers, for young workers.


Ag for Life

AgforlifeAg for Life is a not for profit organization dedicated to building a greater understanding and appreciation of agriculture and its fundamental connection to life. Through close collaboration with other not for profits such as Safety in Schools, community leaders and government, Ag for Life develops, expands and offers hands-on educational programming to children, youth and adults with the goal of closing the knowledge gap between rural and urban populations, strengthening the agriculture sector so that it is sustainable over the long term, greatly reducing the number of farm fatalities and injuries and elevating the fundamental importance of having a strong and sustainable food producing community.

We are currently working with Ag for Life in conjunction with other partners (ABCGA and Alberta One Call) to produce and disseminate educational resources teaching children and youth about the importance of safe digging practices and the dangers that buried utilities present, particularly to farm workers and families.


Inside Education


Inside Education is a charitable education society providing programs that enable Canadian teachers and students to understand the science, technology and issues related to our environment and natural resources. Inside Education is dedicated to developing future generations of engaged stewards who think critically about our environment and natural resources, and their complex relationship with our economy and society. Inside Education provides learning resources for use in the classroom, as well as classroom and field programs, teacher professional development and youth education summits. Professional Development and Youth Education Summits are provided on full scholarship basis, without a cost to the participants. Inside Education targets kids of all ages, from elementary to high school students. All resources are curriculum-connected and classroom-ready, complete with fun activities and exercises that support different learning styles and teaching situations. Check out their Classroom & Field Programs guide for information about a variety of classroom presentation topics available to teachers.

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Women Building Futures

womenbuildingWomen Building Futures is a leader in trades training for women, with extensive experience recruiting women into the heavy industrial workforce at a consistent employment placement rate of 90 per cent. WBF is valued for its uncompromising approach to meeting the needs of women and industry by recruiting the right people and providing them with the right training. WBF’s areas of expertise include:

  • Workforce Attraction: positioning construction as a first-choice career option for women; and positioning women as a viable source of quality skilled workers for Alberta’s construction sector
  • Assessment and Essential Skills Training: helping women make an informed career decision about a career in trades and address gaps in essential skills
  • Workforce Training: preparing women for success through skills training, safety certification, Workplace Culture Awareness©, fitness and academic upgrading
  • Workforce Coaching: coaching is available to all WBF students and alumni to support training retention and long term employment success
  • Job Retention: job search and retention support is available to all WBF students and alumni to assist with securing and retaining apprenticeships and employment.

Women Building Futures promotes a philosophy that safety is first and foremost when carrying out their work.


CUPS Calgary


Through integrated health care, education and housing services, CUPS empowers people to overcome the challenges of poverty and reach their full potential. CUPS provides medical care through a Primary Care Clinic and a Women’s Health Clinic, as well as outreach medical care to six Calgary homeless and emergency shelters. With regard to their education programs, CUPS offers research-based early intervention and support programs that focus not only on the social, emotional and cognitive development of children, but also on the overall well-being of parents, families and adults. Since 2008, CUPS has housed over 3,600 homeless adults and children through various programs.


Northern Lakes College

With respect for cultures and the needs of the communities, Northern Lakes College provides quality educational programs and services which enable adults to continue their education, to improve their employment opportunities, and to enhance their quality of life. Northern Lakes College is committed to innovative training and a diverse range of partnerships that include small businesses, corporations, band and settlement offices, community groups, municipalities, and government agencies across more than one-quarter of the Province of Alberta.


Job Safety Skills SocietyJSSS

Job Safety Skills Society (JSSS) is a fellow organization dedicated to reducing workplace injuries through education and training.  In March 2015, we signed a memorandum of understanding with JSSS, committing to working together to further develop safety initiatives focusing on the prevention of youth workplace fatalities and injuries in Alberta. Going forward, our organizations will support one another’s school and community engagement efforts, and put in a joint effort to develop more workplace safety resources for teachers, parents and young workers.

Service and Hospitality Safety Association (SHSA)

The Service and Hospitality Safety Association (SHSA) is a non-profit organization funded by 4,100 employers in community services, hotels & restaurants in Saskatchewan.  The SHSA provides evaluation, consultation and training to help employers in the represented industries improve their safety management systems.  In addition, the SHSA works to proactively influence future workers (youth, immigrants, first nations, partners with abilities) to help drive safety cultural change in Saskatchewan.

In early 2012, the SHSA began laying the foundation towards a youth safety initiative.  Working with the Saskatchewan Ministry of Education, the SHSA had September 10th proclaimed Youth Safety Education Day in Saskatchewan.  The purpose of this day is to raise awareness of the very real dangers in the workplace facing young workers as well as the rights and responsibilities that workers possess.

The SHSA continues to raise awareness of workplace hazards for youth throughout Saskatchewan through Youth Safety Education Day as well as high school safety courses provided by Safety In Schools and classroom presentations.  Partnerships with other safety organizations, like Safety In Schools, and educators are essential to continue to raise the profile.

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Solar Biocells

solarbioSolar Biocells is a  group formed by scientists, students and education researchers who have developed an affordable solution for the generation of climate neutral fuels. They are developing a fun, hands-on educational package about solar biocells that combines experiential learning, online learning and collaboration with other students from different schools.

The educational package will allow students to extract CO2 from the atmosphere and grow algal biomass while learning about climate change and potential mitigation mechanisms. The educational package will include an online safety course (hosted by Safety in Schools) and a complete module for the capture of CO2 and all the required materials and solutions for the growth of algal biomass. Learn More.