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About Safety and Respect

This information has been developed through a consortium of industry and educational partners convinced that better access to information developed by industry is a critical component of career preparation. We believe that safety and respectful behaviours should become a core element of education. Additionally, we hope to provide valuable information for concerned communities and groups.

Our below partners take safe and respectful behavior very seriously. It is our intention to reduce risks to employees and the public, and by doing so, ultimately save lives.

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Damage Prevention

CSI 811

Fortis – Power Line Safety

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It’s Your Call

It’s Your Call

You can also watch this video on TransCanada’s It’s Your Call website and continue on to the Test Area to complete a short quiz and receive your certificate.

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Call Before You Dig

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Click Before You Dig Portal

Whether you’re planning a home improvement job, planting a tree or installing a fence or deck, Click Before You Dig to safely identify buried utility lines.
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Your Pipeline Neighbour

Encana Natural Gas – A Bright Future – Part 1

Encana Natural Gas – A Bright Future – Part 2

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Why I Work Safely

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Courtesy Matters

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Drive Safe

Drive Safe Chapter 1 – Introduction

Drive Safe Chapter 2 – Cell Phone

Drive Safe Chapter 3 – Alcohol and Drugs

Drive Safe Chapter 4 – Speeding

Drive Safe Chapter 5 – Fatigue

Drive Safe Chapter 6 – Other Driver Distractions – Part 1

Drive Safe Chapter 6 – Other Driver Distractions – Part 2

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Other Agencies

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