Canadian Women in Technology

Canadian Women in Technology (CanWIT, a division of CATA Alliance) is a national volunteer organization that encourages young women to consider a career in a technology field and helps accelerate the careers of women already in the field. We provide knowledge and support through various programs, that include our mentorship initiatives, networking events, professional development and advocacy. CanWIT offers both national and local events to promote networking and education among women in technology.

Canada needs more women in technology. Today, women represent 47% of the overall Canadian workforce. However, only 24% of the Canadian Advanced Technology Sectors workforce are women (17% of which are those in core technology roles). An even smaller percentage are managers.

Our nation’s future depends on increasing our innovation capacity. Let’s change the stats for the better! Our goal is to encourage the creative, innovative, hardworking women of Canada to consider careers in technology by giving them the chance to:

  • Learn more about the Advanced Technology Sectors.
  • Jump in and join us to understand the value of a career in this sector.

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