SHSAtv: Driving Cultural Change Through Safety-Centered Leadership (Video Series)

The SHSA is a non-profit organization committed to providing consultation and education services for employers in the service and hospitality industries in Saskatchewan. SHSAtv provides its viewers with FREE information packed, high-quality tv episodes featuring leading industry experts on a variety of safety topics ranging from Harassment in the Workplace to Mental Health.

Visit their website, to view all of the episodes or subscribe to the SHSAtv YouTube Channel.

Below are some of our favourite SHSAtv episodes.

*Please be aware that the SHSA is based in Saskatchewan, so their content is developed to align to Saskatchewan legislation and standards.

SHSAtv Presents: Preventing Workplace Violence (@SHSAtv #25)

SHSAtv Presents: Cold and Flu Prevention (@SHSAtv #14)

SHSAtv Presents: Youth Safety (@SHSAtv #10)

SHSAtv Presents: Knife Safety (@SHSAtv #8)

SHSA Presents : Repetitive Strain Injuries (@SHSAtv #6)