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According to safety statistics, workers between 15 and 24 have the highest risk of getting hurt at work, with half of those injuries happening in the first six months on the job. Proper workplace safety training is the key to reducing these statistics.

What safety statistics don’t tell you is that safety training is one of the things that more and more employers are looking for when they hire inexperienced workers. Listing safety courses on your resume won’t just make you look better on paper—it could just get you the job. And from your first day at the work site, those courses will help you stay safe, injury free and ready to move up. Interested?

The Safety in Schools program is available to teachers all year at no cost. We encourage teachers to register their school at any time.

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Step 3: After You’ve Registered

Enroll your students and set up your classes. Students are not limited to the core curriculum alignments of the HCS3000, HCS3010 and AGR3000 courses. Safety in Schools encourages students to take all courses that will help them further their personal and professional development.