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Safe and Respectful Behaviour

Safe and respectful behavior in the oil and gas, pipeline, and related industries is important. It is becoming a growing area of focus for educational institutions that train potential employees and the companies that hire them.

The aim of this resource portal is to promote best practices related to safe and respectful behaviour by providing information and learning opportunities for students, particularly those in trades and apprenticeship programs.


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The Importance of Damage Prevention

As a member of the Alberta Common Ground Alliance (ABCGA), Safety in Schools recognizes and promotes the importance of Damage Prevention as a key aspect of safety and respect in the workplace. The Alberta Common Ground Alliance is an open membership organization dedicated to improving worker safety, public safety, community safety, protection of the environment and preservation of the integrity of the infrastructure that provides goods and services that are essential to today’s society by identifying, validating and promoting the adoption of effective ground disturbance and damage prevention practices.

The prevention of damage to buried facilities has many stakeholders who are mutually dependent upon the successful execution of one another’s roles and responsibilities in the overall process. The exchange of accurate and timely information during the damage prevention process, together with a genuine interest by all stakeholders for a successful outcome is critical. Prevention of damage to buried facilities is a responsibility shared among the stakeholders.

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The Importance of Safety – Why we do what we do