How We Succeed

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Safety in Schools Foundation of Canada is a non-profit organization dedicated to reducing worksite injuries and fatalities among young workers by providing students with interactive, industry-recognized online safety training through Alberta high schools.

Online delivery allows students to work at their own pace and the combination of visual, audio and written content allows them to absorb the information in the manner that works best for them.

While students are engaged through online, interactive courses, teachers are provided with a no cost method of lesson delivery that aligns with high school curriculum outcomes for HCS 3000, HCS 3010 and AGR 3000, as well as several learning outcomes for various courses within the CTS stream.

How We Succeed

Revenue Sources

There are four (4) key ways that sponsors support this initiative:

  1. Sponsoring a speaking tour
  2. Making an annual or one-time contribution to our program
  3. Sponsoring a marketing initiative in their operating area(s)
  4. Recognize Safety in Schools certificates

Sponsors also provide in-kind support to Safety in Schools. They provide industry expertise, offer guidance and engage directly with youth in the classroom and on site.

Sponsor a Speaking TourSponsor our ProgramSponsor a Marketing InitiativeIn-kind SupportRecognize Our Certificates
Bringing injury survivors into schools to speak about their personal experiences is key to changing young peoples' perspectives on the importance of taking safety seriously. The impact of these in-school engagements is palpable.Our sponsors ensure that we are able to keep our program running and reach out to more schools and students through annual contributions or one-time donations.Sponsors can direct funding towards marketing the Safety in Schools program in their operating areas helping them to develop their emerging workforce.Bringing industry experts into the classroom and engaging with the emerging workforce creates opportunities for recruitment and development of a company's safety culture today.By accepting and recognizing Safety in Schools certificates you are helping us encourage young people and their teachers to become safety educated before they hit the job market.

Our Founding Partners

ComplyWorks Ltd. and Gemini SWIFT Learning provide financial, administrative and technological resources for program delivery.


Our program expenses can be broken down into three categories:

  1. Program Delivery
  2. Marketing and Communications
  3. Administration


Program DeliveryMarketing and CommunicationsAdministration
Industry accreditation of course content
Teacher and student enrollment
School engagement
School visits
Course development
Speaking engagements
Trade shows
Marketing materials
Communications (electronic and hard copy)
Infrastructure and course delivery
Staff wages and salaries
Volunteer in kind support
Operational working capital