Safety in Schools courses offer many benefits

The Safety in Schools program is designed to meet the needs of students in any learning stream. While our primary goal is to provide vital safety training to students before they enter the workforce, there are a number of additional ways that Safety in Schools courses benefit students. How these courses benefit different students depends on individual career paths and learning streams.

All of the courses that we offer are the same ones purchased by employers for their own internal training purposes, with the exception of the custom Safety in Schools courses. Taking these courses now, before entering the workforce, puts Safety in Schools students at an advantage when applying to many large employers.

Some of our courses overlap the following categories.

  • AB Curriculum Aligned Courses: These courses align with certain outcomes laid out by Alberta Education (HSC3000, HCS3010, AGR3000, General CTS  and CALM Alignments).
  • SK Courses: These courses align with educational outcomes delineated in the Saskatchewan high school curriculum (particularly, the Practical and Applied Arts learning stream).
  • BC Courses: We have recently partnered with the Construction Foundation of BC to begin offering BC aligned courses. These courses will help students who are developing their skills in the construction and related industries understand the role of safety in their workplaces.
  • Enhancement Courses: These courses do not align with specific curriculum outcomes, but provide safety training that is more geared toward individual workplace settings. Some of these courses also provide useful safety training that students can apply in their personal lives, such as Bear Safety Awareness or Distractions and Proactive Driver Training.
  • Occupational Health & Safety Courses: Safety in Schools gives students a head start toward a career in Occupational Health and Safety by offering courses that are recognized by OH&S regulatory bodies. Students can earn points toward OH&S Certificates as well as The University of Calgary’s Environment, Health and Safety Certificate.
  • Custom Safety in Schools Courses: These courses have been developed in-house by Safety in Schools and are aimed toward making an emotional impact on students. Most of these courses make use of case studies of real life injuries and fatalities to help students understand why workplace safety is so important, not just how to stay safe. Your Rights and Responsibilities at Work teaches students about the relevant regulations and standards that affect where they may work and how they must be supervised.