About Us

Committed to the Safety of Young Workers

Safety in Schools Foundation is a registered non-profit organization committed to providing young workers across Canada with the opportunity to learn the basics about workplace safety before they begin working.

Formed by industry to address the high rate of workplace injuries among workers, Safety in Schools delivers online industry-recognized workplace safety courses to high school students at participating schools, along with support for teachers and school administrators, all at NO cost to schools, students or parents.

Our goal is to prepare every young person entering the workforce with the knowledge to recognize and avoid hazards, regardless of which career path they choose or industry they work in.

How it Works

Online delivery allows students to work at their own pace and the combination of visual, audio and written content allows them to absorb the information in the manner that works best for them.

While students are engaged through online, interactive courses, teachers are provided with a no-cost method of lesson delivery that aligns with high school curriculum outcomes for HCS 3000, HCS 3010 and AGR 3000, as well as several learning outcomes for various courses within the CTS stream. Teachers can be confident that the information their students receive is accurate, up-to-date and meets industry standards.

Students earn a valid, industry-recognized certificate when they achieve a minimum of 80% on a final course post-test. This standard ensures that students understand the material and can apply it to their own working lives effectively.

Students are given unlimited opportunities to master a course, so if you do not earn a certificate the first time around, that’s OK! You can review the course and take your test again.

How We Succeed

The day to day operation of Safety in Schools is entirely industry funded.

Our Founding Partners – ComplyWorks Ltd. and Gemini SWIFT Learning – provide the infrastructure and support needed to run the program, while program delivery, continuous improvement and expansion activities are funded by our generous sponsors.

Along with our Founding Partners and Sponsors, we work with many different partners to develop content, reach new audiences, and promote shared messaging and resources.

Project Funding

Ongoing content development and our in-school speaking program are largely funded through project-based grants.

Since 2014, Safety in Schools has completed 6 projects funded through Alberta’s Creative Sentencing Program and 2 funded by the Alberta OHS Innovation and Engagement Grant Program.


The Safety in Schools Foundation of Canada is an Alberta registered non-profit organization.

Our Board of Directors is formed by independent members who provide oversight and ensure transparency in our operations.

Our Advisory Council is formed by Industry Leaders who share our common goals of educating Canadian youth in safety and respect before they enter the workforce.