Alberta OH&S Incidents – February 2017

Every month, Alberta OH&S sends out an e-news bulletin with relevant information for employers, workers and others regarding workplace safety in the province. Included in some of these reports are incident summaries consisting of injuries or fatalities that have been recently reported. It is so important that we learn from the experiences of others as doing so may help us to avoid similar incidents.

These summaries are based on information collected as soon as possible after the incident and do not include every relevant detail.

  • A worker was assembling a scaffold. While moving across sections of the erected scaffold the worker slipped and fell approximately 4.3 m. The worker was wearing fall protection equipment at the time but was not tied off. The worker underwent surgery at the local hospital. (Construction and Construction Trades)
  • A mechanic had difficulty removing a ball joint on a vehicle. The mechanic held a ballpeen hammer on top of the ball joint and another worker struck the hammer with a sledgehammer. A small metal fragment was knocked off the head of the sledgehammer and entered the mechanic’s chest, causing internal injuries. The metal fragment was removed during surgery. (Retail and Wholesale Trade)
  • A worker was attempting to clean an ice block out of an auger on an ice re-surfacing machine. The worker’s left hand got caught in the moving auger. The worker suffered numerous broken bones and partial amputation of the index finger on that hand. (Public Administration, Education and Health Services)
  • A worker was operating an overhead crane with a wireless remote, moving steel joists. The worker pushed a wrong button on the remote. This caused the load to swing, crushing the worker’s right forearm against a post. The worker was taken to the hospital for surgery. (Manufacturing and Processing)

The news bulletin also includes information about a student video contest that closes March 17.