Alberta OH&S Incidents – January 2017

enewsjan17Every month, Alberta OH&S sends out an e-news bulletin with relevant information for employers, workers and others regarding workplace safety in the province. Included in some of these reports are incident summaries consisting of injuries or fatalities that have been recently reported. It is so important that we learn from the experiences of others as doing so may help us to avoid similar incidents.

These summaries are based on information collected as soon as possible after the incident and do not include every relevant detail.

  • A worker was checking fluid levels on a generator. While checking glycol levels, using a handheld lighter to illuminate the area, a flash fire happened. The injured worker was transported to hospital and treated for first and second-degree burns. The worker was released the same day. (Mining and Petroleum Development)
  • A worker was helping load a large truck onto a nine-axle low-boy trailer. The driver of the tractor unit reversed the front section of the trailer to connect with the rear section. The worker was pinned between the front and rear sections of the trailer. The worker suffered a serious injury to his lower left leg and was transported to hospital. (Transportation, Communication, and Utilities)
  • A worker was standing on the third step of a 3-step step ladder. The worker was getting an item off the second shelf of warehouse racking. The worker’s wet boots slipped, causing the worker to lose their balance. Trying to regain balance, the worker grabbed at another box on the racking, but fell anyway. The box fell on top of the worker. Discovered lying on the floor by a co-worker, the worker was disorientated and could not recall what day it was. In hospital the worker was diagnosed with a head injury and broken collar bone. The worker was discharged that evening. (Retail and Wholesale Trade)

The news bulletin also includes a warning about high pressure sales tactics by commercial providers of WHMIS courses, links to a number of safety topic bulletins, and information on the dangers of drunk and drugged driving.