I Can Dig Safe

Our friends at the Canadian Common Ground Alliance have made incredible progress over the past year in pushing new legislation forward that supports increased registration of underground infrastructure and requires persons undertaking ground disturbance to make a locate request before digging.

There have been a lot of projects, initiatives and campaigns over the last year to raise awareness for Bill S-229 (An Act respecting underground infrastructure safety): there have been conferences and trade shows, in-person meetings and online promotion. But of all the things CCGA members have done to support federal damage prevention legislation, the most important one—the one most likely to make a significant impact on whether the House of Commons adopts Bill S-229—is contacting our MPs.

The next three minutes are probably the most important support you could give for damage prevention in Canada (besides remembering to click before you dig). Those three minutes are all it takes to visit ICanDigSafe.ca and quickly send a pre-written letter to your MP.

You can also show your support online by following @CanadianCGA on Twitter and posting with the hashtag #SupportS229.

Damage prevention is a shared responsibility; together we can ensure that Parliament adopts Bill S-229.