Life Lessons – Learning the Hard Way, available soon!

LifeLessons.jpgThroughout the last year, through our newsletters and social media, you may have heard about a new course that we are launching in the new year called Life Lessons – Learning the Hard Way. We are excited to announce that this course is on track to be available to all Safety in Schools users in the next couple of weeks!

This course focuses on the lived experiences of two workers who have been severely injured and a man whose family has been forever changed by the loss of his son to a workplace fatality. Life Lessons aims to connect with young workers on a more personal level than other workplace safety training courses, focusing on the significant emotional, physical, financial and social impacts that workplace injuries and fatalities have on workers and those around  them.

Our current library of courses focus on how to stay safe at work, giving students the knowledge and tools that they need to work safely. Life Lessons focuses on why safety is so important. Through this new course, we aim to really bring home for students the real-life outcomes that they could be faced with if they don’t make safety their top priority at work and apply the things they’ve learned in this and our other courses.

The bulk of the course is comprised of filmed interviews and we encourage teachers to engage their students in classroom discussion after completing the course. Like our other courses, Life Lessons ends with a test and students are required to get over 80% to be considered having mastered the course, but Life Lessons is about far more than a passing grade, and the content presented to students is geared toward making students think and feel. The video content is ideal for initiating classroom discussion and can be useful in encouraging students to share their own experiences with one another in the classroom.

To celebrate the launch of this new course, we will be hosting an event at Western Canada High School in Calgary on February 22. If you are interested in joining us at that event, please phone or email Sara at 403.984.6375 or