Life Lessons – Learning the Hard Way: Available Now!

LifeLessons.jpgFor five years, Safety in Schools has provided young workers with the knowledge that they need to stay safe at work by offering free, industry-recognized safety training through Alberta schools. We recognize that there is more to keeping our young people safe than teaching the facts. We need to change attitudes and reach young people in a more personal, meaningful way.

That is why we are excited to launch our newest course, Life Lessons – Learning the Hard Way!

Learning from real-life experiences

Life Lessons is a video-based course that introduces students to three individuals whose lives have been impacted by workplace injuries and fatalities in different ways:

  • A young man shares the details about the day he lost his arm on a drilling rig. He shares with students the trauma of the event itself and the subsequent efforts to recover, and how he learned to move forward in a life that is forever altered.
  • A young woman who was severely injured in a crushing incident shares the impact that her injuries continue to have on her life several years later and the mistakes that were made that led to the incident.
  • A father shares the story of losing his son in a preventable and tragic workplace fatality. He shares the impact the loss has had on his family and his son’s friends, and reminds students how preventable this type of tragedy is.

Putting a human face to the statistics

By having real people share their stories and the impact these events have had on their lives, students taking the course will gain invaluable insight into the importance of workplace safety and their role in preventing injuries and fatalities. The individuals who appear in this course are the real people behind often-cited but faceless statistics. Having these people share their real-life stories helps students see the human beings behind these statistics that will be introduced to in the course introduction.

Teaching students their role in workplace safety

Leading up to the video portion of the course, students are introduced to their legal rights and responsibilities at work, some of the common risks and hazards associated with occupations that they are likely to be working in, and the reality of workplace injury and fatality statistics for people their age. Students will also learn to look for hazards on their work sites and what questions they need to ask in order to stay safe.


Who Should Take Life Lessons?

Life Lessons – Learning the Hard Way provides an excellent introduction to workplace safety to any student in any learning stream. Regardless of the type of job a student is working in or has planned for their future, there will be risks involved. Life Lessons helps them develop the skills they need to ask the right questions and mitigate their risks, regardless of industry.

Teachers are encouraged to include Life Lessons as a module in your HCS 3000, HCS 3010, AGR 3000 and CALM courses. We also encourage career and guidance counselors to make this course available to any of your students who may begin working soon.

How to Enroll Students

This course is hosted separately from our THRIL iLibrary courses, but the process to enroll your students is similar to what you are used to.

On your Manage Enrollments page, you will now see two tabs – “THRIL Courses” and “Safety in Schools”.

When you select “Safety in Schools” you will see a list of the users in your school with an “Enroll” button beside each student. As we add new custom Safety in Schools courses, you will see other course names appear beside Life Lessons along the top, similar to your THRIL course lists.

Once you have enrolled a student in the course, it will appear on their “My Courses” page along with their THRIL courses.

To reflect the addition of this new custom course and other changes, we will be sending out an updated User Guide to all of our teacher users in the coming days, as well as making it available on our website.

We are currently working on two more custom Safety in Schools courses, which you can learn more about here. They are titled: That’s Got to Hurt! Lessons from the Workplace and Heavy Machinery – It Always Wins.