New Course! Tragedy at the Quarry

Our newest course, Tragedy at the Quarry, was made available to all Safety in Schools users in March of 2019. This course was built using SWIFT Learning software and can be found under the SWIFT tab on teachers’ Manage Enrollments pages.

This course is a great addition to your safety curriculum for shop classes and for any students entering Work Experience, RAP placements or summer jobs that may have them working around hazardous equipment.

Tragedy at the Quarry begins with an introduction to working in the gravel crushing industry, common hazards in that industry, and advice for how to stay safe working on that kind of job site with a significant focus on the importance of guarding.

The rest of the course centres on the case study of a real-life fatality involving a 15-year-old worker on a gravel crushing site in Alberta. This includes filmed interviews with both the young worker’s mother and the owner of the company at which he was killed and an exploration of the different ways this tragedy impacted the workplace where it occurred, the people who were directly and indirectly involved, the industry in general, and the people who loved him.

Funded Through Creative Sentencing

The development of Tragedy at the Quarry was part of a joint initiative between the Alberta Construction Safety Association, Alberta Sand and Gravel Association, Alberta Roadbuilders and Heavy Construction Association, and Safety in Schools, funded through the Alberta Creative Sentencing program.

Creative Sentencing allows defense and prosecution teams in OHS proceedings to submit a joint proposal to the court to divert the money collected from a fine to projects aimed to prevent similar incidents from occurring. In this case, the ACSA, ASGA, and ARHCA are each developing Best Practices and training resources for their membership with a special focus on guarding, and Safety in Schools developed Tragedy at the Quarry as a free training resource for students across Alberta.