Safety in Schools Sees Continued Growth

Schools UsingOver three years of operation, Safety in Schools has grown from a presence in one school with seven students to more than 160 schools with over 20,000 course enrollments, adding new schools and new students regularly. We have also recently started working with parent groups and representatives of Alberta Education to provide access to home-school students in Alberta. This initiative has been met with great initial success and we look forward to expanding our reach to more home-school students throughout the upcoming 2014-2015 school year*.

Courses MasteredAs we enter into our fourth year of operation, we will begin to focus more on district-level expansion. We have schools signed up in over 75% of the Public and 65% of the Catholic school districts in Alberta and are currently working with representatives of several boards to implement our program district-wide. Students have now mastered over 15,000 courses. As we expand into new territory, we expect this number to grow significantly over the next year. Our focus for the 2014-2015 school year will be to expand to district-wide operation in the areas that we are already in and to sign up at least one new school from the districts not currently using our program.


Help us Grow!Schools

There are several ways that you can help our organization reach more students. If you are an industry representative, consider sponsoring our program. There are several different ways that you can support us – learn more by visiting our sponsorship page!

If you are a teacher, student, parent or administrator, consider using our courses in your own classroom or working with your school administration and district to implement our program in your area.

Your feedback on the program is also very helpful to us, and for a limited time, it could win you an iPad Mini! Click here for contest details!

*If you are a home-school parent or student and would like to register for Safety in Schools, please contact: Sara Rooseboom, Program Coordinator | E: | P: 403-984-6375