Shop Teachers: You Asked, We Listened!

Over the years, we have heard requests from various shop teachers for more courses that are relevant to the skills they are teaching in their shops. We are proud to announce that we have answered these requests!

Heavy Machinery – It Always Wins

In May of 2017, we published our newest course, Heavy Machinery – It Always Wins.

This course focuses on the real-life dangers of working with heavy machinery and the basic knowledge that young workers need to avoid and mitigate those hazards. Heavy Machinery takes students through a series of case studies that illustrate these dangers and show students what went wrong. This course is highly recommended for any students in a woodworking, automotive or other shop setting in which powered equipment is a factor, or for those who are preparing to begin a part time job, work experience or RAP placement in this type of setting.

Introduction to Automotive Shop Safety

We have also partnered up with the Alberta Motor Transport Association (AMTA) to produce and deliver a new course that focuses on safety in automotive shops, with a particular focus on tire safety.

This course will be made available to Safety in Schools users before the start of the 2017/2018 school year. Students taking this course will learn about common hazards in automotive shops, what a safe and responsible shop looks like and what kind of training they should expect when they enter this industry. Students will be taken through a case study that illustrates how dangerous tires can be and some of the common errors that contribute to tire-related injuries and fatalities.

We encourage any student who plans to work in an automotive setting, or even on their own cars at home, to take this course. Auto shop teachers are encouraged to include this course as part of your safety curriculum.

Accessing these Courses

These courses are hosted separately from our THRIL iLibrary courses, but the process to enroll your students is similar to what you are used to.

On your Manage Enrollments page, you will now see two tabs – “THRIL Courses” and “Safety in Schools”.

When you select “Safety in Schools” you will see a list of the users in your school with an “Enroll” button beside each student, below the three course names, Heavy Machinery – It Always Wins, Lessons from the Workplace, and Life Lessons – Learning the Hard Way.

Once you have enrolled a student in the course, it will appear on their “My Courses” page along with their THRIL courses.

To reflect the addition of these new custom courses and other changes, we have an updated User Guide available to teachers on our website.

Do you have any questions about either of these courses? Contact our Program Coordinator, Sara at 403.984.6375 or