That’s Got to Hurt! Lessons from the Workplace


In June 2016, we announced the winning submissions from our That’s Got to Hurt! Video and Essay contests. After the winners were chosen, notified and announced, we set to work on developing our newest course, That’s Got to Hurt! Lessons from the Workplace, which was made available to students and teachers in August of 2016.

The winning contest submissions form the foundation of this course, providing the real life scenarios from which we draw important safety lessons. The submissions provided us with a wide variety of job types performed by young workers, so most students taking this course will be able to closely relate with at least one of these incidents.

In the course, students will explore six scenarios sent in to us by young workers

RealStudentsThis course can be completed quickly and easily, and does not include a final exam. It is an excellent resource for use in the classroom, particularly as a way of initiating discussion.

Hearing about the experiences of other students their own age is a great way to encourage your own students to think about their experiences at work. You can even have your students follow up the course by writing down and discussing a time when they were confronted with a safety concern while performing work at a job, at home or at school.

What better way to educate young people about safety at work than to talk about the workplaces they are already in?

Who Should Take Lessons from the Workplace?

Lessons from the Workplace provides an excellent introduction to workplace safety to any student in any learning stream and working in any industry. Regardless of the type of job a student is working in or has planned for their future, there will be risks involved.

Teachers are encouraged to include Lessons from the Workplace as a module in your HCS 3000, HCS 3010, AGR 3000 and CALM courses. We also encourage career and guidance counselors to make this course available to any of your students who are working or may begin working soon.

How to Enroll Students

This course is hosted separately from our THRIL iLibrary courses, but the process to enroll your students is similar to what you are used to.

On your Manage Enrollments page, you will now see two tabs – “THRIL Courses” and “Safety in Schools”.

When you select “Safety in Schools” you will see a list of the users in your school with an “Enroll” button beside each student and a growing list of custom SIS courses along the top.

Once you have enrolled a student in the course, it will appear on their “My Courses” page along with their THRIL courses.

To reflect the addition of this new custom course and other changes, we sent out an updated User Guide to all of our teacher users in 2016, and have made it available on our website.

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