The Deadline is Approaching! Get Your Submissions in Soon!

Don’t forget to send in your entries for our That’s Got to Hurt! Contests.

By participating in either the video or essay contest, you have the chance to win up to $1500 – that’s a lot of dough! payday-loans

Your videos don’t need to be fancy, and your essay doesn’t need to be the next great literary work – just make sure that they tell your story and the lessons you learned from it.

The judging criteria really boils down to hitting the important points:

  • What happened?
  • Why/how did it happen?
  • How could the incident have been avoided?
  • How was it handled?
  • What was the impact of the incident on the worker, coworkers, friends and family? Consider physical, emotion and social impacts.
  • What did you learn?

To give you an example, let’s say that you work as a line cook in a restaurant and you choose  to submit a video or essay about the time one of your coworkers cut her hand on a knife, resulting in stitches and a couple of weeks off work. You might include the following points in your submission:

  • During the dinner rush, my coworker was cutting a club sandwich and cut her hand when she turned around to hear another coworker’s question. I found out later on that she’d had to get stitches.
  • The kitchen was noisy and busy, so she couldn’t hear our coworker’s question clearly. When she turned around to listen, she was not paying attention to where her knife was and cut her hand.
  • She could have avoided the incident by putting the knife down before she turned around, or by finishing what she was doing and then asking him to repeat his question. As well, we could have had the music a bit lower to make up for how loud things get during rush times.
  • I saw it happen and went over with a paper towel to cover the cut. Our supervisor then came over and told her to go to the washroom and clean her hand and told me to wash my hands before getting back to the line. He threw away the sandwich, cleaned the cutting board, brought the knife to the dishwasher and then went to check on her. Seeing how deep the cut was, he told her to wrap it tightly and then go to the hospital. He helped cover her duties for the rest of the shift. I think he handled the situation very well.
  • My injured coworker wasn’t able to come back to work for a few weeks and when she did return, she had to wear a latex glove as it continued to heal and her work performance was impacted for quite a while. Having to take time off work meant lost wages, which had a ripple effect on her social life. It was fortunate that the injury wasn’t to her dominant hand, so she was still able to do her schoolwork, but it did present some challenges in her daily life including carrying things, climbing, cooking and eating. She normally helps out with a lot of  the chores around her house, so her getting injured meant the rest of her family had to pick up her slack. She has also been left with a permanent scar on her hand.
  • What I learned was that you always have to be aware of what you are doing and focus on the task at hand. I also learned the importance of keeping the noise level to a minimum and working at a more manageable pace. My supervisor taught me the right way to react to a cut, scrape or burn through his example.
  • This incident could have been much worse, for example, if she had cut completely through a finger, so it is important for myself and the rest of our coworkers to apply the lessons we learned going forward.

You will also want to explore how some of the lessons you have learned through your Safety in Schools and on-site workplace safety training apply to the scenario you chose to explore from your workplace.

If you have any questions about the contests, please feel free to contact our Program Coordinator, Sara. She can be reached at 403.984.6375 or by email at

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