Welcome Back!

Welcome back, teachers and students! We hope that you all had a safe and happy holiday and that you have come back to school and work feeling refreshed. We are excited to get another semester under way helping students prepare for a safe and productive working life. Whether you are preparing for a work experience or RAP placement, working toward your Green Certificate, or simply taking a few of our courses to help you stay safe at your part time or summer job, we are grateful for the opportunity to help.

Successful 2015

2015 was a big year for us at Safety in Schools, as we surpassed several milestones.

  • We awarded our 35,000th certificate. By end of 2015, we had awarded 36,034 certificates!
  • We grew to over 200 schools. At end of year we were operating in 214 schools.
  • We spoke to over 5,000 students in a series of school visits with Candace Carnahan throughout 2014 and 2015.

New Year, New Focus

As we begin this new year, we look forward to taking our program in some new and interesting directions. Over the past year, we have turned our focus to include experience-based, emotionally-stimulating messaging that includes both in-person engagement and online content. This is a direction that we will continue to pursue in 2016, with further course development and school visits that are, as always, offered at no cost to schools. This year we are moving beyond education to include meaningful, two-way interaction with students. It is important to not just involve young people in the conversation about their health and safety, but to give them the opportunity to drive that conversation as well. We can do this by encouraging them to participate in our ongoing contests, and by helping them develop the knowledge and the passion that they need to start these conversations at home, at work and among their peers. When young people know there is a problem and they understand their role in solving it, we know that we can rely on them to make change happen. It all starts by opening up the dialog.