We’re Ready to Launch!

Your Safety in Schools team is pleased to announce the launch of our newest course, Heavy Machinery – It Always Wins.

This course focuses on the very real dangers of working with and around heavy machinery. Basing lessons off of real-life injuries and fatalities, Heavy Machinery gives students a real-life look at the severe consequences that working unsafely around heavy equipment can have. It also teaches students how to identify hazards in different types of jobs that involve heavy machinery.

Heavy machinery is a factor in a disproportionate number of severe injuries and fatalities. Of 51 convictions in Alberta between 2010 and 2014, 30 incidents involved heavy machinery, resulting in 16 fatalities. We can prevent more of these injuries and fatalities from occurring through early education.

By engaging youth with real-life examples of the risks heavy machinery poses, we can send them into the working world aware of the risks, engaged with their surroundings and knowledgeable about the role they play in their own safety and that of those around them.

Students taking Heavy Machinery will be introduced to the concept of a Job Hazard Analysis (JHA), as well as some of the common hazards associated with heavy machinery and their rights and responsibilities when it comes to working safely around heavy machinery.

In each of the scenarios presented, a worker was injured, and in each scenario, there were decisions made at different points in the process that could have changed the outcome. Students will have the opportunity to explore for themselves how the outcomes could have been avoided through the inclusion of knowledge checks and activities throughout the course.

Students who take this course will learn how to behave around heavy machinery and, more importantly, they will walk away with the understanding that heavy machinery is unforgiving and if you try to argue with it, it will win every time.

For more information about this or any of our other courses, please contact:

Sara Rooseboom
Program Coordinator

Who Should Take Heavy Machinery?

Heavy Machinery – It Always Wins provides an excellent introduction to any students who may find themselves working with or alongside heavy machinery now or in the future. This could include manufacturing, construction, landscaping, automotive or equipment repair, agriculture, or any worksite that has vehicles or machinery of any kind.

Teachers are encouraged to include Heavy Machinery as part of your AGR 3000 safety training, or as an additional module in your HCS 3000, HCS 3010, and CALM courses. You may also find this course helpful for students who are taking other trades or vocational courses, such as mechanics.

We encourage career and guidance counselors to make this course available to any of your students who may begin working soon in any industry that involves heavy machinery.

How to Enroll Students

This course is hosted separately from our THRIL iLibrary courses, but the process to enroll your students is similar to what you are used to.

On your Manage Enrollments page, you will now see two tabs – “THRIL Courses” and “Safety in Schools”.

When you select “Safety in Schools” you will see a list of the users in your school with an “Enroll” button beside each student, below the three course names, Heavy Machinery – It Always Wins, Lessons from the Workplace, and Life Lessons – Learning the Hard Way.

Once you have enrolled a student in the course, it will appear on their “My Courses” page along with their THRIL courses.

To reflect the addition of these new custom courses and other changes, we have an updated User Guide available to teachers on our website.